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Be you own Boss and create a successful Cleaning Service Company

General Information

Gisela Ribeiro & Luis Castro founded Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services in 2006 following over 20 years of combined experience within the Cleaning Industry. They have managed to initially develop this business and become a respectable Cleaning Company servicing hundreds of customers per year initially from our first location Shropshire but since 2012 the company has successfully expanded its operations towards North Wales & North West.

This expansion hasn’t just happened. Over the last few years, Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services has constantly tested and developed new methods and procedures to contribute for the development of our brand into a solid business model that ensures a constant stream of business through our marketing techniques and also satisfied clients recommendations.

Services we offer

We can provide a wide range of Regular or One Off Cleaning Services to suit the client needs in a variety of sectors like Domestic, Offices, Communal Areas cleaning, Retail Units, Warehouses, Commercial Occupied/Empty Properties, Holiday Homes, Medical Practices, Leisure Facilities, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, etc…

Our clients may contact us at Head Office or arrange to meet directly with the area Franchisee to discuss their cleaning requirement and agree terms of service.

What Next

If you decide to take on a Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services® franchise, you will benefit from full initial training and ongoing support . You will benefit from our professionally developed website with your own area and contacts so that anyone who lives in your chosen territory will see your details when they search. You will therefore be open for business from day one, we work closely to keep our presence on Google 1st page with selected keywords and this generate new customer leads typically in a daily basis.


Sparkle & Shine offers an exciting new franchise opportunity to anyone who has the ambition and drive to start a new business delivering strong results. Since 2006 we have run and developed our first area becoming a successful Shropshire based Domestic & Commercial cleaning company, Sparkle & Shine is proud now to provide Professional Cleaning Services to hundreds of regular and casual customers in several locations around Shropshire, North Wales & North West.

Since 2006 we have run and developed our first area becoming a successful Shropshire based Domestic & Commercial cleaning company, Sparkle & Shine is proud now to offer our cleaning services hundreds of regular customers in several locations around the West Midlands.

The unique use of our newest developed website has seen our business expand rapidly in recent years, and we are now looking to develop franchises in different locations throughout the country.

We are committed to expand our business model and values to other areas of the UK. We mainly work within the Domestic & Commercial cleaning industry however you can select which area suit you best and we are happy to adjust to suit your personal expectations from your areas.

During this difficult financial climate, the home cleaning business has held up well. With both partners now often out at work, employing a cleaner has come to be viewed in many households as an essential rather than a luxury. And because our business model allows us to charge out our cleaners at an extremely competitive rate, Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services(TM) is a perfect recession-resistant business.


Full Support & Help

supportPermanent ongoing dedicated support manager.

Full Training Program

trainingFull 1-2-1 training – onsite cleaning processes, products and all aspects of running your own Sparkle & Shine franchise.

Marketing & Branding

marketingNational Website with your own dedicated page & SEO development. Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelops templates, Brochures, etc.

Marketing & Branding

  • Complete Operations manual
  • Trading under the Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services ® brand name
  • An exclusive territory with over 50000 households
  • Personalised Stationery – 500 Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelops templates
  • Marketing Leaflets – 10,000 Flyers incl. Delivery
  • Mass Email marketing campaign to potential clients in your area
  • Non Geographical phone number with dedicated E-virtual office
  • Own personalised email address
  • Local & dedicated Google Adwords campaign
  • A dedicated & integrated web presence in several directories
  • Vehicle Sign Writing
  • Start up uniform kits (T-Shirts/Aprons)
  • Start up Cleaning Kit (Equipment + Products)

Reasons to Franchise

Franchising is a fantastic way to start and run your own business. It is based on a partnership approach and provides you with an opportunity to develop your own business but with the support and back up of the franchiser behind you… people working together to build a business that brings satisfaction and profits to all concerned. This approach to business expansion has been proven time and time again. Every entrepreneur makes mistakes in the early years of a new business, most of which, while costly, are avoidable. The franchiser has spent a considerable amount of time and effort refining the Sparkle and Shine processes and operations which means that the potential big mistakes have already been ironed out of the system. By following our business methodology these mistakes can be avoided, thus increasing the likelihood that your business will succeed and the rate at which it will grow.

Naturally, anyone going into business has some doubts about whether they are making the right decision. The good news is that most genuine franchises are successful, whereas other small business start-ups have a very high failure rate. And of course, you will never be alone if you take on a Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services(TM) franchise. If you are ambitious and hard-working you will find that our constant support and training, along with the stream of customers provided by our website will ensure you have the very best chances of success and trade profitably right from the start. Before you get to that stage, we will make every effort to help you make a properly informed decision on whether or not this exciting business opportunity is right for you. It is in our interest as much as it is in yours that your new business is successful and that it is one that you will continue to enjoy and benefit from.

The genius of Our system is that our customers come from our website, rather than from hours of time-consuming and often unproductive cold-calling. As a franchisee you are allocated a dedicated area of the site. Your customers are driven to the site through natural search and by pay-per-click – if they are in your area they will find you. Our ongoing process of Search Engine Optimisation means our site is always very highly placed on the first page of Google. Having found our website, customers can book a cleaner instantly simply by getting in touch with the area Manager who will promptly organise directly with an area cleaner or team. Our continued brand-building, developing bespoke marketing campaigns for each area and constantly building our online presence means we are forging a reputation for service and reliability that will enable you to trade profitably right from the start.

We're looking for dynamic, hard-working people able to develop several areas in the UK; you can decide how to operate your area as you can decide to be “Hands On” or simply drive it mainly as home-based business. We'll support you all the way, with proven training techniques and systems back-up. Everything you need to turn your modest starting investment into an ongoing profit stream. It is not necessary for you to have any prior experience in the cleaning market. Your most important asset is the ability to manage a business and the determination to succeed. We will teach you everything you need to know from day one. Our comprehensive training and proven systems, improved over the years, will enable you to operate your business effectively as soon as possible. We will also allocate you a dedicated mentor to help you from the first weeks of trading onwards. This means you always have someone by your side if and when you need them. Whilst you will be the business owner you will also be part of a franchise network with a growing support team and excellent systems behind you. We will help you manage and recruit your cleaning workforce and uncover new streams of revenue as part of your services, such as Ironing or even Oven Cleaning. Our distinctive branding and the reliability that our name invokes will give you a significant competitive advantage in attracting new clients.

Unlike some other companies, at Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services we are not interested in making easy money out of your initial franchise fee or from the services we offer you. We are only interested in your future success. This means you can be sure we are in it for the long-term committed to make your business work for you and that way we keep on building the Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services brand to everyone’s greater benefit.

Your Success is also our Success.

Our Franchise is not just a name

You will get our full commitment, marketing and advertising support to guaranty your success.

We offer a premier service and aim to be a priority choice from customers all around the UK.

We pride ourselves to be a expanding a brand with Family Business values.

Your success will always be our top priority and you are not just another one between many.

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